Q. What is a helper robot?
A. This is a term I use for the small, self-directed bots I display on this website. I've heard that their 'helpfulness' is a matter of dispute, but they do try very hard.
Q. Wait! How can these be "Frequently" Asked Questions if there's no way to get in touch with you?
A. Damn, you're right! Don't hold your breath for forums or comments, I don't have the time to monitor them. But you can reach me at monica@helper-robots.com.
Q. Do you do this full time?
A. Oh no! I have a full-time job and everything. That's why I don't feel too guilty about updating so sporadically.
Q. What is National Helper Robots Month?
A. National Helper Robots Month (or NaHeRoMo, for short) is a spinoff of National Novel Writing Month, which happens each November. Every day in November I will put a new robot on the site, unless I fail. It also gives me a chance to depart from my usual "trading card" style and experiment with . . . anything that can be plotted, drawn, and inked in 24 hours.
Q. When do you update?
A. Occasionally! I try to meet a target of twice a week, but sometimes it doesn't happen. Until I get my schedule in hand, may I suggest our lovely rss feed?